Karolina was born in 1964 in Switzerland and moved to Canada in 1995.

She studied English in Cambridge, England, and French and art history at the Université de la Sorbonne in Paris, France. She holds a degree as a translator of foreign modern languages from the Translator School Dolba in Basel, Switzerland and has worked in this capacity in Switzerland and Canada for several years. 

Although she doesn't have any formal painting training, she has been painting all her life and has been part of exhibitions both in Canada and Switzerland.

She finds her inspiration in all things nature. Her vibrant colours speak for themselves. She doesn't have anything too meaningful to say about her work, but when asked: "Why do you paint?", the answer is loud and clear: "Because it makes me happy!"


Parts of Karolina's work has been published in 2014, in the book "Okanagan Slow Road" in collaboration with author Bernadette McDonald, by Touchwood Editions, which has been reprinted to a second edition in 2017.



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